Personal Assistance

Providing All Assistance You Need!

Couple Enjoying Outdoor

As a PA I work directly with individuals to support them with various aspects of their daily life. This could be in Your own home, in the community, at leisure or at work.

Accessing Community 

Would You like to go to Cinema? 

Visit favourite Restaurant?

Go for a walk at the coast?

Go to beauty centre or watch football in favourite pub ?

You can do it all!

I find for people accessible places and I check them as well.

Graffiti Resturant Cambridge fot. Myself 

Assisting in Travels Abroad

I was active traveler for couple years. I have visited many places not only on my own but as well with clients.

Every time I travelled I was checking accessibility for wheelchair users as well.

Did I mentioned I was Virtual Travel Agent ?

Im happy to find for You Cruise or Flights with Assistance for transfers.

Accessible room and specialistic equipment to rent if needed. 

Vdara Hotel- Vegas
fot. Myself 

-I was a PA and Chauffeur on daily basis for 3 years. 


-I my career I drove clients cars like minivans and high range sport cars.

I was organising wheelchair friendly taxis.


-I Provided my own transport which at some point has been changed to a car with a  hoist. 


Amazing work was done in one of the garages in Cambridge which You will find under tap Partners (coming soon)

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